Evening photo taken with Tripod by ImageEditing

Your Smartphone can be your DSLR substitute that will not only save your money but also do the job of product photography perfectly. Are you surprised? Don’t be. It is because you never give a business centric thought about it. Make use of your high-configuration smart phones to actually feel its power.

Best Phones for Taking photos

A lot of us nowadays use high-configuration smart phones in our day to day life. Here are a few smart phones that have great camera features to go for product photograph

  • Apple iPhone 7 or more advanced
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8
  • Nexus 5S or 6P and
  • Google Pixel

Regardless of whichever smart phone you choose, always try to focus on your device that has auto focus and the maximum amount of megapixels available.

Accessories Needed for Product Photography

There are so many different accessories and gadgets available in the market for your smart phone that sometimes it can be really hard to decide which ones are going to work out for you. However, in general we need following accessories for product photo

  • Backdrop
  • Table
  • Lighting setup
  • Tripod

Backdrop – You can use a white or light gray backdrop behind your product to give your photographs a clean and fresh look and also to get rid of distractions as well.

Image Editing

Moreover, you can create your own backdrop by using a sheet, rolled paper, foam board or a wall easily. Always remember to keep your backdrop not only behind the product but also underneath to help your post-production work.

Table – It is always great to use a table for product photography. Thus, makes it easier for you to photograph your product while shooting.


An Image of a White Stool

The table used for product photography is called Stools.

Light – There are a lot of options for lighting. You can use natural light or lamp to do the job.

Image Editing

However, the easiest and most used option is natural light that comes from the window.

Tripod – Simply put, if you want to avoid the camera shake resulting in blurry images, make use of the tripod.


Smartphone in a Tripod for Photography

Use of Apps

After the photo has taken, now is the time for editing. There are a lot of editing applications available for various purposes.


Image Editing

For photo shoot, it is best to try to use the default camera app on your smart phone whereas you can use Adobe Photoshop Express for your post-production work.

Now that you know the basic of smart phone photography, you can create a workflow for any products. For any detailed ImageEditing work on your images, you can send your pictures to a professional outsourcing company. They will make your images shine brighter.

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