The work of any professional photographer isn’t only the shooting itself, it also presupposes the photo editing. It sounds strange, but sometimes photographers spend even more time editing images than taking them. Photographers try hard to find the reliable methods of speeding up the photo retouching. As practice shows, the most effective tool, many photographers benefit from, is using Lightroom presets.

These Lightroom plugins make photo editing tasks really easy and understandable even for the beginners. Despite the fact that there are many professional LR presets bundles, the photographers don’t hasten to buy them. Each shooter needs reliable photo editing tools, but not everybody is ready to pay money for the first time. Fortunately, there is always a chance to get free Lightroom presets that meet all the standards and your personal requirements. In this article we will tell you where you can find the best free Lightroom presets and solve all the tasks quickly and easily.

Download Torrent Lightroom Presets: Pros & Cons

You may get a little bit confused trying to find popular Matte, Pastel, Film or VSCO Lightroom presets torrent files, as many variants advertised online, aren’t really good. Let’s find out why you should stop using free Lightroom presets torrents.


  • Simple

Forget about a long registration or other time-consuming manipulations. Just open uTorrent (or any other similar app), search for the torrent and download it.

  • Free

All bundles on the web are rather expensive and you have a limited budget. Torrenting will be your real magic wand, as all the stuff is totally buckshee.


  • Unlicensed

Unfortunately, the majority of Lightroom presets are unlicensed and have been uploaded to the site with the violation of the copyright laws. Thus, your computer may get affected by the hefty files embedded in Lightroom presets torrent.

  • Slow-acting

When you need to download Lightroom presets torrent, you usually want to do it fast. But it’s not the case with torrenting. You may have to wait several minutes or hours until you get them at your computer. The most irritating thing is that sometimes you need to decode the file that you have downloaded.

  • Risk

Downloading illegally pirated files is like getting a pig in a poke. You can’t be sure that the LR presets won’t hurt your computer, so the consequences may be unpleasant.

Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets?

If you want to find free Lightroom presets wedding  or other bundles, there is a great variety of unique and stylish collections on FixThePhoto website. The company offers the best Lightroom presets, which you may use to perfect your image editing skills and develop your individual style.

  • B&W Collection

Black and white photos will never get out of fashion. Photographers are often asked to turn some shots into B&W, with the aim to depict the sincere emotions and feeling. Such photos really have some specific, unique mood. With the help of Lightroom presets free of this collection you’ll be able to achieve the desired effect with several clicks. They can be applied to pictures of all the styles.

  • For Weddings

    A family of three having a good time before and after effect
    Black and white photos able to achieve the desired effect with several clicks.

    The wedding photography is a very romantic and tender genre. The color gamut is mainly pastel and light. You don’t need to significantly change the photos, but slightly accentuate the tenderness and a “dreamy” mood. By dint of these Lightroom presets you can achieve the most wonderful results. It is a great idea to combine them with other bundles.

  • Best LR Filters

Actually, every photographer has a collection of his/her favorite photo editing tools, which he/she uses frequently. But there is the kit of best Adobe plugins that are the must-have for every self-respecting shooter and retoucher. It is like the basis of the whole process, which makes the photo editing fast. You will surely like these free Lightroom presets as they are universal and easily adjustable.

  • For Portraits

    A cheerful man and woman before and after effects
    The Best Lightroom Presets For Portraits Effect Makes The Task Simple

Have you ever tried editing the stylized portrait photos? Quite a difficult task, isn’t it? But the kit of best Lightroom presets for portraits makes the task simple and even enjoyable. In the collection you will find the plugins for standard image editing and more advanced ones, which will help add the photos stylish fashion and movie effects.

  • Landscape Kit

    A landscape before and after effect on lightroom
    Specialize In landscapes Effects.

For those photographers, who specialize in landscapes, these LR presets will be super useful. If you think that the photos lack some bright tones, or you need to regulate the contrast, remove tiny defects – be sure to apply this collection. Besides, you will be able to make the pictures more interesting and appealing due to the sunrise/sun-down effects.

  • Urban Bundle

    A shopping Mall before & after effect on After effect
    It Has Been Designed By The Lightroom Presets Professionals.

These Lightroom presets have been designed by the professionals, who took into account all the peculiarities of the urban shots. Either you need to enhance the cityscape photos or the street shots, the collection will be very useful. You may check each and every preset to see how they work.

  • HDR Package

In the collection, you will find different plugins that are aimed at improving the photos in several minutes. Even a slight effect may turn an ordinary shot into a stylish one, change the general mood and add the professional look. You may use HDR presets, as well as Nightclub and Vintage ones. What is really cool that you can apply them to different photos and anyway get a superb result.

  • For Real Estate Photography

The shooters engaged in the real estate photography or realtors definitely know how complicated and tiresome the editing of such pictures may be. Having a bundle of free Lightroom presets ready at hand makes the process faster and easier. Either you need the HDR effect or are interested in Interior Design features, you will achieve the desired result, using this collection.

  • Natural Light Set

    A girl smiling, wearing swimming suit before & after effect result
    These Images Use Natural Light

If your job is connected with diverse photo genres and you wish to find something universal for image editing, you’d better pay attention to this kit. It comprises the best Lightroom presets which are easily configured and can be applied to any picture. Choose Fall presets if you need to add peculiar mood to the photos. Opt for Warm plugins in case you think that images lack soft tones. Cool presets will be extremely useful if your aim is to add some motion to the shot. Anyway, you can always experiment to create something worthy.

  • VSCO Film Collection

People admire vivid, lively photos and this collection is designed to enrich each shot with the unique atmosphere. You will find more than just Film presets, but will also get Moody and Dark plugin collections. They can be applied to travel, wedding, portrait shots, but most favorably they enhance the event pictures. Just several clicks and an average picture becomes a captivating one.

  • For Product Photography

Is it possible to represent the ordinary equipment, clothes, food and other products in a tempting way? In fact, with these Lightroom presets free you will be able to make the photos interesting and alluring. Without long and tiring manipulations your shots will acquire the stylish look and the customers will surely want to buy the products.

  • For Newborns

Kids’ photographers often face difficult tasks. They need to perfect the photos that are so sweet and tender, without violating this magic atmosphere. Their primary aim is to save the original mood of the images, adding the necessary effect and keep everything harmonious. How to do in the best way? In this collection, you will find all you need to cope with the task successfully. Light, Airy and High Contrast LR presets are at your disposal.

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How to Install Lightroom Presets

Have downloaded Lightroom presets but have no idea how to install them? We have a simple video guide for you to use. Watch the video to learn all the tricks.


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