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Anybody who wants to improve the skills takes years of practice and craft. It does not matter whether you are a designer, photographer or an artist. It applies to all. However, those who deal with Photoshop in their professional life need it most. You can improve your photos with these 6 image editing techniques which are easy-to-follow in Photoshop.

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6 image editing techniques –

Photo Retouching –

Adobe Photoshop can make a slightly imperfect photo into a splendid shot. You can take your photo editing and retouching skills to the next level with these easy to follow Photoshop techniques which are perfect for beginners.

Removing Wrinkles –

There are many ways of removing wrinkles in Photoshop and there are even many third party plug-inns that do the job for you. However, the goal is not always complete removal since that can leave your subjects looking like they came out of a cartoon.

Changing the Hair Color –

Changing the hair color is one of 6 image editing techniques that are truly helpful in the professional life of a designer, photographer or an artist. You need help from brush tool. You also need to make some adjustments on the hue/saturation section as well as changing the layer mode too.

Changing the Eyes Color –

Changing the eyes color is possible with Adobe Photoshop. You need to use couple of tools to achieve it like brush tool, paint bucket tool. You also need to make some adjustments on the color, lightness and saturation in the hue/saturation section as well as changing the layer mode too.

Hair Masking –

Hair masking is all about changing the background of an image. In order to do hair masking, you are going to need two images. One image that of a person and another image that of a background. Any image that needs to change the background can be done by working path. However, for any image related to hair needs to do hair masking.

Photoshop Watercolor Painting Effect

You can make your image look like a watercolor painting with Photoshop. You need to find an image of a watercolor splash and you have to link that image to this image to work well. This tutorial is for both the beginners and advanced level of students.

These 6 image editing techniques are really useful in Photoshop and will help you at your professional life.

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