Portrait Retouching

male model portrait retouch by imageediting

Portrait retouching and beauty retouching are almost similar except portrait retouching needs to be retouched with the whole background. Generally, portrait means taking close range picture of a person. Therefore, retouching portrait needs extra attention so that it looks as real as possible and we are expert at delivering it. If you want, you can go and read about related service of Product Retouching.

Based on the complexity, the pricing may vary in between $5 – $50 for ‘Portrait Retouch’ and the standard turnaround time will be 24 hours. For Express Service, we provide 10 hours, 4 hours & 1 hour service.

  • 10 hrs service cost : 70% of regular price + regular price
  • 4 hrs service cost : 200% of the regular price + regular price
  • 1 hr service cost : 300% of the regular price + regular price

Spots Removal

Portrait retouching helps to remove the spots on the face to get more natural look

Remove Blur

Portrait retouching helps to remove any blurs from the background to get more instinctive look