Hair Masking

Girl standing with camera with hair extracted from backgorund

Hair Masking in Photoshop is all about masking your hair. Like other works, masking is done to remove the background. A photo may have an object or person with some frizzy, flowing or flyaway hair and you want to change the background behind the person or object. That is when cut out hair service is required. Our expert team can help you make the advanced hair masking in Photoshop for your images.

Based on the complexity, the pricing may vary in between $3 – $30 per image for ‘Hair Masking’ and the standard turnaround time will be 24 hours. For Express Service, we provide 10 hours, 4 hours & 1 hour service.

  • 10 hours service cost : 70% of regular price + regular price
  • 4 hours service cost : 200% of the regular price + regular price
  • 1 hour service cost : 300% of the regular price + regular price

Remove Background

Remove a background from a photo when hair and soft edges makes it tricky using hair masking

Change Background Color

Change the background color behind the person or object using hair masking tool