Color Correction

man wearing orange tshirt color correction sample

Without Color Correction, the entire retouching process is incomplete. It is considered as one of the most important parts of portrait retouching. Correcting the tone and color in Photoshop will help you avoid your original images look excessively dark or bright while taking photo shoot. Image editing will adjust the light effect problems and make your portrait realistic and pleasant to the eyes.

Based on the complexity, the pricing may vary in between $1 – $50 for Color Correction and the standard turnaround time will be within 24-72 hours.

For Express Service, we provide 10 hours, 4 hours & 1 hour service.

  • 10 hours service cost : 70% of regular price + regular price
  • 4 hours service cost : 200% of the regular price + regular price
  • 1 hour service cost : 300% of the regular price + regular price

Color Sampler Tool

Turn your image color into another with Color Sampler Tool


Change your image color with the help of Photoshop curve tool

Color Balance

Change your image color with the help of Photoshop color balance adjustment layer


Apply levels from Photoshop adjustment layer to your image to change your image color