Clipping Path

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Clipping Path is the most demanding and most used image editing service all over the world for eCommerce product selling. Image editing helps you make it easy to ensure all your images fit your eCommerce image editing guideline. Image editing provides resize, crop, remove borders and remove image background and turn it to pure white, transparent or color background as per your guideline. If you need to add different color to individual components you can use the Multiple Clipping Path service.

The pricing for ‘Clipping Path’ starts from $1 and the standard turnaround time will be within 24-72 hours. However, it may vary based on the complexity. For Express Service, we provide 10 hours, 4 hours & 1 hour service.

  • 10 hours service cost : 70% of regular price + regular price
  • 4 hours service cost : 200% of the regular price + regular price
  • 1 hour service cost : 300% of the regular price + regular price

Only Clipping Path

Draw a path around the products but do not remove the background.

Object Removal

Isolate unwanted objects using clipping path and delete them from the picture.

Background Removal

Select the products from the image using clipping path, remove the background and keep the products only.

Multi Path

Separate or modify different parts of the same product